Locker System

North America's leading locker manufacturer


The Metal Locker Solution

The clean lines, durability and smooth, quiet operation of Emperor lockers make them the ideal choice for virtually any facility. Available in a wide range of sizes, tiers and designer colours, Emperor lockers are an attractive and effective storage solution.




The Metal Locker Solution

With superior strength, airflow, quietness, and a powder coated finish, Gladiators redefine locker room attractiveness. Heavy-duty components integrated with Hadrian’s trouble-free and rugged design create the ultimate athletic locker. With fully ventilated doors and sides, Gladiator lockers allow for increased airflow—an absolute must for serious sporting environments.

Hadrian utilizes the latest powder coating technology to apply a hard, even and run-free finish that covers every area of the product and resists impact, abrasions, chemicals, detergents and acids. The flexibility of powder coating allows Hadrian to offer a wide range of exciting finishes, including special effects, anti-graffiti and custom colours.


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