Sometimes the project calls for a product that’s going to stand up to a beating. That’s when you can turn to Wilsonart.


Compact Laminates

Available in more than 220 designs and a range of thicknesses, from 1/10" to 1", Wilsonart
Compact features higher impact, moisture, scratch and abrasion resistance than any comparable laminate offering.

the next time you’re looking for a durable and coordinated project solution to anything from partitions to wall cladding
to work tops, consider Wilsonart Compact Laminates, the perfect combination of high design and high performance


Wilsonart® Solicor™ is a specialty laminate created with a
solid color core – eliminating the black core of traditional


Specifically designed for environments where chemicals and harsh cleaners are used, our laminate provides exceptional chemical resistance without sacrificing design or style. Please refer to the
Compact Laboratory Grade Technical Data sheet for specifications.


This long-lasting, beautiful laminate surface meets or exceeds the fire codes from a variety of laboratories across the country and comes in a wide range of patterns and colors. All of our compact laminate products, including wall systems, are Class B fire-rated. Class A fire-rated material also available.

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