Bacteria is present everywhere. You can find them in the air, on
food, plants and animals, in the soil, in the water, and on just
about every other surface - including your own body. Bacterial
growth is formidable adversaries because they’re constantly
mutating to breach your immune system’s defenses.
Knowing more abour how germs work can increase your
chances of avoiding infection. Many diease - causing Bacteria
produce toxins - powerful chemicals that damage cells and
make you ill.
Have you eveer realised how harmful they are? Don’t you wish
you were safeguarded against all Bacterial growth for a 24/7
active lifestyle? Protecting your health and the health of those
around you depends on many factors that may seem
overwhelming when they are discussed at the same time.
As with most life changes, practice will make it all seem simple.


Hygienic & Moisture Resistance

Healthcare Panel
The system is constructed by robust aluminum / GMS structural frame together with 12mm HED® laminate panel and all necessary accessories;all in strict accordance to manufacture’s instruction. The Access wall paneling system is easy installed with prefabricated, decorative and hygienic compact laminate to fit all site dimensions.
Impact Resistance The system being strongly structured owns terrific performance inductility and impact resistance.

Environment friendly
With low methanal release, does no harm to human health and
environment.Applications Commercial building, industrial building, civil building and other special-function building, especially some fire proof and environment friendly required places like hospital, office building, hotel, KTV, school, kindergarten, train station, airport and gym.

The system is constructed by robust aluminium /GMS structural frame together with 12mm thick HED® panel and all necessary accessories; all instrict accordance to manufacturer’s instruction.
The system is easy installed with prefabricated, decorative and hygienic 12mmthick HED® medical panel to fit all site dimension.

Suitable for both new and renovation works at
humidity area which maintenance are emphasized
and durability like toilet and changing area.
• Anti-Bacteria medical panel is optional.


Wilsonart International, a world-leading producer of decorative
surfacing products, was founded in 1956 in Temple, Texas, USA.
Wilsonart has ten manufacturing facilities worldwide. Meanwhile, it
maintains and develops a strong international sales network. Base
on Wilsonart’s market position, customer relationships and product
mix, four world class brands have well recognized and accepted.
They are Wilsonart® in US, Resopol® in Germany, Arborite® in
Canada and Polyrey® in France.
In Asia, since 1996, Wilsonart International has set up 2
manufacturing plants in China and Thailand, and established
distribution centres and/or branch companies in Japan, Korea,
Singapore, Thailand, Hongkong, Taiwan, etc.
In China, Wilsonart has obtained the Certification of ISO9001, and
we are the first one in the same industry to obtain the Certification
of ISO14001. Meanwhile, Wilsonart is also one of the decorative
material producer which were firstly rendered Green Construction
Material Certification.
Wilsonart has constantly upheld the motto “Serve customers and
make them successful” as its business principle. Base on diversified
design, supreme quality and all-round services, Wilsonart is the
most reliable partners for all customers.

1. Fire resistance2. Green Environmental3. Impact resistance4. Unlimited color choice






Glaze Wall Panel System

The system is constructed by robust aluminium alloy/GMS structural frame together with 12mm thick HED® GL woodlike and all necessary accessories; all in strict accordance to manufacturer’s instruction.

Anti-microbial, Mould proof

HED® GL medical panel, with the most advance formula enjoy
sustaining, safe and widely extraordinary antimicrobial function
that antibacterial ratio of Escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus,
Klebsiellapneumoniae and candida albicans greater that 99%.
Furthermore, it has gained CIAA certificate by 0 mould proof
level, which was issued by China-based Antimicrobial Materials
and Antimicrobial Products Trade Association

Impact resistant

HED® GL medical panel being strongly structured owns terrific
performance in ductility and impact resistance.