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Door & Wall

• Protecting wall from constantly
knocked by trolleys and
damaged by continuous
pedestrian traffic.
• Preserving asepsis is
absolutely imperative in
operating theatres and clean
• Resistant to impact, germs
and the effect of cleaning and
disinfectant products
• Made from solid-color and
antibacterial PVC, the color will
not alter with cleaning or time


Providing a good grip is a priority.
Gerflor handrails have been designed
with the greatest of care to aid
All SPM handrails provide effective
help in the fight against the growth
of microorganisms and the spread of
Protect against hand-borne
Provide effective help in the fight
against the growth of microorganisms
and spread of infection.
• Fitted with bactericidal joint, treated
integrally and undamaged by
• The bactericidal action of handrail
proved by an independent
laboratory, complements the
bacteriostatic and antibacterial
properties of handrail.

Corner Protectors

Corners are particularly prone to
damage so they need to be well
protected. Gerflor has developed
a complete range of carefully
designed corner protectors
which combat wear and provide
effective, safe protection.
• Can be applied to all corners,
whether right angled or not.
• PVC has bacteriostatic and
fungistatic properties to fight
against mould and microorganisms
• Smooth surfaces and round
shapes + exclusive textured
surface facilitating maintenance
• Products made to prevent
wear and tear as well as help
people in public buildings
• Class ‘0’ Fire Rating

Linea’ Touch:
• Anti-rotation trilobed shape to improve grip for stability
in case of loosing balance
• Larger contact surface for more support
• Axial position of bracket to guiding

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