Like the comforting light of the North Star, Polaris, the
“alternative”, rich and deep surface by Abet Laminati,
represents a point of arrival. Its mellow colour provides
an undoubtedly innovative and imaginative effect.
Polaris leads the category of latest generation products
by Abet Laminati, serving as a sophisticated and durable
reference point for inquisitive designers who seek
unusual results.
Stemming from Abet Laminati’s stylistic and technical
research, the revolutionary Polaris is smooth and
velvety to the touch, and its surface features are truly
extraordinary: it is highly resistant to scratches and heat,
as well as being anti-fingerprint.
The curious combination of durability and velvet
smoothness gives Polaris a futuristic appeal, making
it the ideal choice for ultra contemporary projects,
delighting the senses with a pleasant and unique effect


3050x1300 mm
4200x1300 mm
Spessori / Thicknesses:
0,9 - 1 - 1,2 - 10 - 12 mm

Finitura / Finish:

Resistente ai graffi
Scratch resistant
Resistente al calore
Heat resistant
Resistente all'urto
Shock resistant

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