Exclusively for children.When fitting out a kindergarten, the equipment plays an important role. Ideally, the products should meet the requirements of the age groups involved just as perfectly as those of adults. The combination of colours, materials and picture motifs creates a friendly and cheerful effect. Lively elements such as pictograms make it easier for the children to find their way around the building.

The safety ring grip is fitted as standard in all Schäfer kindergarten units. it means that easy and safe use is guaranteed even for the smallest children.


Two maintenance-free screwed-on nylon hinges with inner, galvanized steel core one piece carried out as a spring hinge for self-closing of door.

Large ring handle on the door outside for child safety, combined with a screwed on buffer for door catching.


Aluminium round tube, 18 mm diameter, with plastic sleeve and cover rosette. Floor fixing by means of doweled screws.


Panels and hardware according to manufacturer’s colour-chart.

All profiles powder coated according to manufacturer’s colour-chart.


Standard height 140 cm incl. 15 cm floor clearance.




Melamine-resin coated chipboard with ABS plastic edging strips in conjunction with colour-coated aluminium profiles.


Melamine-resin coated chipboard, 30 mm thick, bonded by V20-E1. Surface minipearl. All visible edges are coated with coloured ABS plastic edging strips, edges slightly rounded.


Wall connections are by means of aluminium-U-profiles over the complete height of element profile top is closed. Fixing of inside divisions on front wall by means of coloured aluminium brackets 45 x 35 x 8 mm. 

Doors wide 55 cm, finger protection profiles on both door sides

front wall is connected to brick wall by means of fixing brackets 80 x 80 x 8 mm

Simple care, maintenance-free design and an attractive appearance make this unit the optimum solution for the kindergarten.