Proprietary Lightweight Concrete System for Smart Cable Management

KYODO KY-TEC’s NWF 40 “The Easy Cabling System”

KYODO KY-TEC’s NWF 40 “The Easy Cabling System”NWF 40 was given FIRST PRIZE at Intelligent Award in Japan organized by the Ministry of Construction, as well as a GOOD DESIGN Product in Japan selected by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI).easy installation of cables, re-location of outlets and installation of additional outlets when making changes to the layout.

Easy Cabling is indispensable in areas which are close to walls, often being where OA (Office  Automation) equipment is in many cases installed.

1. Walking Comfort

Since the main material is Heavy
Duty Lightweight Concrete, the
system feels like a solid concrete
It is designed to be stable

2. Higher Ceilings

Total thickness of the product is 40mm, allowing for more headroomin ceiling restricted buildings.When compared to conventional100mm mininum, you gain 60mm.

3. Cabling Capability

The 30mm grid pathway system allows maximum flexibility of thecables and wires while maintainingeasy accessibility.Innovative wire and cableseparation is also a key feature.

4. Heavy Load Bearing

This system can withstand morethan 9 tons of uniform distributionper 200mm x 200mm area.In addition, the permissibleloading capacity of the network floor (long term load) is 5000N

Partition Panels Installation


Partition Panels can be installed directly
on the Network Floor, either on its
concrete base mats or cable path covers.
This Feature ensures easy cabling and maximizes flexibility when it comes
to changing the system layout when

Extremely Quick Installation


When compared to a convetional raised flooring system the installment of the
NWF 40 takes a third of the time to complete, making it three times faster to install.
On average, an area of 400 m² can be completed in one day of construction.

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